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Court Case Against Infosys And Apple Rejected

An employee at Infosys, Carl Krawitt failed to progress his whistleblower court case. The case accused that Infosys Technologies and Apple worked together to infringe immigration law by having 2 Indian nationals enter the U.S. using business B-1 visas to offer training, rather than of obtaining the numerically-capped and more expensive H-1B visas. The court approved motion by Apple to reject the case.

Infosys made an entry into a $50,000 deal with Apple to offer the latter’s online shop’s engineering organization in California with 16 live training sessions, claimed the lawsuit by Krawitt. The suit accused that at the time of negotiations over the deal, Infosys officials knew that Infosys fell short of sufficient foreign nationals on H-1B visas to lawfully conduct the training sessions at Apple.

Krawitt supposedly alerted Infosys that the 2 trainers lacked the required H-1B. Krawitt also stated that a senior manager at Apple was aware that the 2 trainers were using B-1 visas.

On a related note, almost 1,000 Verizon workers in India and the U.S. are likely to shift to Infosys. This comes after the IT outsourcing deal worth $700 Million that Infosys won from the US telecom behemoth, about which the media reported earlier.

Infosys will originally rebadge a few hundred workers, who are SME (subject matter experts), and is likely to provide them competitive and comparable compensation. Some workers fear that if they resist the deal, they can be terminated. Some are having concerns about the quantum of severance package.

In an email to some impacted workers, that (the labor union website) has posted, Verizon claimed: “Our industry and our business are undergoing an unprecedented modification. There are noteworthy challenges in front of us as we evolve IT into an investment hub. Verizon’s aim is to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of the IT organization by lowering cost so we can support services more efficiently.”