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China Plans To Remit Artificial Giant Nightlight Into Orbit By 2022

China has been dealing with a lot of pollution and energy consumption issues for quite some time and hence, is in the lookout for modernized solutions. The realm has decided on creating an environment-friendly nightlight similar to the moon in the coming years. Moon, a sub-planet revolving around the Earth has been casting its energy and light on our planet for decades. So just imagine having two moons, isn’t it scary.

At the moment, a group of engineers have glued their eyes on the night sky and started wondering about building another moon. The space development company named China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has planned on launching an eight times brighter artificial moon into the space that will be 10−80 Kilometers away from the Earth within 2 Years time. The space company has decided on making use of the old-fashioned moon’s reflective surface that reflects sunlight back to the Earth and put it to use in artificial moon wherein the engineers can manually control the light potentiality so as to render helpful during cutoffs or emergencies. The chilling prospect will be made visible only for the Chengdu city that will light up at least 50 Square Kilometers of the city. The artificial moon could save millions in terms of electricity cost per year and reduce energy utilization as well as pollution control. China plans on launching one of the three artificial moons into the orbit by 2022. For now, the testing will be carried out on the uninhabited desert-like lands in order to check the impacts and avoid the effects on the natural lives.

China hopes to woo the world again by its incredible discovery. The country has at present inaugurated its longest sea-crossing bridge after spending its 9 years on the construction. As per the Chinese President Xi Jinping, spending $20bn is not going to go down the drains as it will help connect the cities such as Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau.