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Android Google Keep Now Has A Google Material Theme Maker

Google at present back in news for Google Keep that has its name changed Keep Notes that for the Android phones.  The change has not yet been reflected on the web app or Play Store as it is still being rolled out on Google Material Theme. The interface revamp had already been declared when Gmail had planned on launching its new sidebar widget.

Like any other Material theme, Google Keep has been redesigned to have a sparkling white background with a yellow app bar. The most eye-catching feature is the full-width search bar present on the top with no Note descriptor. The placement of the buttons helps plainly switch from one icon to another without any difficulty. The Google avatar, account switcher, trash, and a number of other settings have been changed in order to make it even more interesting. Google Keep’s new feature leverages the users to perform tasks faster. The minimalistic look, clear interface, and unchanged functionalities help make search easier. Keep Notes is right now one of the best redesigned versions in the Google Material Theme in comparison to the Google Calendar.

At present, the addition of some more features including reminder, pinning, archiving, and more in comparison to the earlier version is something the savvy users have been waiting for. As per the University of Oxford researchers, sharing and harvesting data by mobile apps is out of control. The Google Play Store shares the data with its parent company as per the usage of the apps which is a concerning topic for the users. Google had earlier disagreed regarding the methodology but now prefers to remain quiet and instead find solutions so as to solve the various issues regarding data breach and security. Nearly 90% of the free apps have been pointed out responsible for sharing data with the parent company.