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NASA To Soon Conclude Its Efforts To Re-Establish Contact With Opportunity Mars Rover

In the upcoming period, NASA is expected to announce ending its attempts to contact the Opportunity Mars rover. Reportedly, from over 4 Months, Opportunity has gone in a silent mode after it went through a heavy dust storm. However, according to experts, it might soon again start capturing the signals from the spacecraft.

Lori Glaze, Acting Director, Planetary Science Division, NASA, stated that the agency intends to keep trying to contact Opportunity regularly for no more than a week or two. She stated that the agency wants to get that rover down before InSight is sent to Mars. Glaze added that NASA will now ensure that all the orbital skills are aimed at a successful landing of InSight. On September 11, 2018, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory proclaimed that the optical depth fell to a low level. This led to obstruct the sunlight to reach to the rover and prohibited it to generate the power.

On a similar note, NASA’s Wallop Flight Center came into the news as it proclaimed that it is presenting a golden opportunity to few social media users. Reportedly, the center initiated to invite not less than 50 social media buffs to present their application to get an authorized permission to cover the forthcoming Antares Rocket launch to International Space Station.

Wallop Flight Center added that it will offer the winning contestants an opportunity to catch a closer view of the launch from Wallops Island. The winners will also get an opportunity to meet the rocket experts from Northrop Grumman and NASA. On winning this competition, one can meet their associate space enthusiasts (active on social media) and NASA’s social media team members. Any individual active on social media is qualified to participate in this competition to cover the upcoming launch event.