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Mars Probably Holds Sufficient Oxygen Supply To Sustain Life

Recently scientists in their new study reported that salty water underneath the surface of Mars might have enough oxygen supply. This supply can support the microbial life that appeared and developed on the Earth billions of years ago.

The researchers stated in the Nature Geosciences that at few locations, the quantity of oxygen obtainable could even keep multicellular and primitive animal alive, such as a sponge. Vlada Stamenkovic—a theoretical physicist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the U.S. and lead author—told that they have discovered the brines (water with large concentrations of salt) on Mars which have sufficient oxygen supply for microbes to sustain. Stamenkovic further added to AFP that this whole revelation transforms the understanding of the possibility for life on Mars, currently and in the past. Until now, it was been considered that the small amount of oxygen on Mars was not enough to sustain even microbial life. Stamenkovic also stated, “We never imagined that oxygen can play a function for life on Mars due to its deficiency in the atmosphere, which is about 0.14%. By evaluation, the life-preserving gas produces about 21% of the air that is been inhaled.

Speaking of life on Mars, recently, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk both want to colonize Mars in an attempt to save humanity. Elon Musk founded SpaceX, as he was unhappy with NASA as the agency was not getting fast enough to Mars and Musk was left worried with the thought that there might be no second chance for humanity. Bezos too founded BlueOrigin and is concerned that the Earth will turn into uninhabitable and there might come the time when people realize that there is need of infrastructure to escape from this planet but it will be too late to construct it. BlueOrigin anticipates starting commercial spaceflight in the upcoming year.