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Exceptional Blue Asteroid Revealed by Researchers

Blue asteroids are exceptional, and blue comets are roughly unheard of. A global team spearheaded by Teddy Kareta, a doctoral candidate at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory of University of Arizona, investigated Phaethon. Now, Phaethon is a bizarre asteroid that occasionally acts as a comet. Kareta found the asteroid even more enigmatic than ever before.

Kareta showed the findings at the time of a press conference this week at the 50th yearly meeting. The meeting was conducted in Knoxville, Tennessee on behalf of the American Astronomical Society’s Division for Planetary Science.

With the help of telescopes in Arizona and Hawaii, the team examined sunlight reflected from Phaethon, which is recognized to have blue color. Blue asteroids that emit more light in the blue section of the spectrum add up only a small part of all recognized asteroids. A bulk of asteroids are red to dull grey in color, relying on the kind of substance on their surface.

Speaking of asteroids, earlier NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer) spacecraft snapped the first peek of its remote target. It is an asteroid named as Bennu. This pic comes after almost 2 Years of journey.

Launched in September 2016, the OSIRIS-REx, which is the first mission by NASA to visit an asteroid near to Earth, is planned to arrive on December 3, 2018, at Bennu. It will assist reveal the mysteries of the formation of our solar system, the US space organization claimed to the media in an interview.

The PolyCam camera of the spacecraft obtained the picture from 1.4 Million Miles (2.2 Million Km) of distance or almost 6 times the distance between the Moon and the Earth. The cropped bunch of 5 images was obtained within an hour. Bennu is seen as a moving object in the constellation Serpens against the stars, the statement claimed.