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HeadBand For The Brain Can Actually Help You Meditate

A Canadian company named Interaxon backed a start-up organization in order to achieve a goal of helping people take magic into their hands like moving an object without hands by just using their minds. However, after the failure, both the firms together shifted their interest in helping people deal with a stressful lifestyle and also to remain healthy through meditation.

Millions of people are definitely looking up to meditation for a solution and hence, the creation of the brain wearable device named “Muse 2” that can quantify the electrical rhythms of the brain as well as provide the users with a real-time feedback is a new way of combating life’s stressful hurdles. This personal meditation assistant helps keep a track of the health signals such as body movement, heartbeat rhythm. There is also a provision of the dashboard and educational contents for assisting the users to track their progression. Muse 2 is a brain-sensing contrivance which is the first of its kind in the history. The wearable device can actually read all your thoughts, be it negative or positive, while the app instructs one to calm down while silencing to the sounds for meditating. The idea of putting one into the meditation phase is an excellent task for assisting the body to relax for some time.

Our behavior is the reflection of our brain, according to a neuroscientist Indre Viskontas. Thus, for some people, the new device may not sound pleasing but for the others wanting to meditate hold on a lot of hope in the technology. At present, the researchers have concluded that the brain’s wiring is hijacked by alcohol in the alcoholics causing cravings and impaired memory. Dr. Karla Kaun from Brown University along with a team of researchers have found the serious issues including nerve system degeneration, genetics, and others are commonly seen in the drug and alcohol addicts.