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Amazon Enhances The Responses Of Alexa With 4 Extra Variables

David Limp, VP of Devices, Amazon, in an event on September 20, 2018, made an announcement about the release of almost dozens of Echo Devices at Seattle-based Amazon Headquarters.

In case a skill or a 3rd party on behalf of the Alexa from Amazon, a voice assistant politely said that you can raise an actor, athlete, airline, author or some other noun as a part of the response to the questions. It is pointing towards a slot type that is an entity used to define how data is identified and handled.

These innovations are designed to save time and offer more consistent experiences in all across the skills, as per Amazon, and recently, four of the different slot types are incorporating in the current list in beta mode for public use that includes Amazon.Food, Amazon.CreativeWorkType, Amazon.VideoGame and Amazon.Sport.

At the time of developing an Alexa skill with the Custom Skill API of Amazon, skill developers introduce a voice interaction model that explains how the users are dealing with the skill. The model has intents that Alexa utilizes to act based on the words spoken by the users, which they want the skill to use and slots. The pre-defined slot of Amazon deletes the need for the variables to come up with common use cases.

The new slot is adaptive in nature and can work in all Alexa sites and is able to utilize in skills published to the Skills store of Amazon. They consist of a value list of the representatives that as per by Amazon is continuously updated and which it stated it utilizes to instruct the voice recognition model of Alexa as a part of machine learning.

Recently Alexa has faced some disapproval from the users, but with adding new features in its system and Skill store, it seems that the company is improving the product and people are loving it.