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Google Chrome Update To Punishing Sites With Bad Ad Experience

The latest update of the Chrome browser will try to take out the invasive and misleading ads from a shady group of sites.

The update will target the online advertisements that cause as close buttons, system warning, and icons like watch video, but in reality trigger pop-up advertisements or any sort of app download after tapping on them.

The ads are actually annoying, but Google is as well warning that the fraudsters are using some of the advertisements to steal the personal information of the people. The company denied making any further detail comments regarding the scammers and their suspected activities.

But eventually, on Monday, the company said that they will update the Chrome that helps in blocking all the ads on several groups of sites that is been attacking heavily on the users with brutal techniques.

Google with this update is trying to shut down the pesky ads in the early part of this year. But Vivek Sekhar, Product Manager, Chrome, in a blog post said, “We’ve got to learn that the approach is not capable of going too far.”

He added, “In fact, almost 50% of these invasive advertisements are not stopped by the existing set of protections and almost all have the misleading and harmful advertisements.”

However, Chrome has pre-designed pop-up ad blocker functionality, website owners are able to avoid the security check-points by incorporating the code in their website pages that can take you to a new location or can open other browser windows as well. To point out the issue, Google has started punishing the sites providing bad user ad experience.

The company is able to perform this through Chrome, the most popular and powerful browser in the world. The website offering bad ad experience faces the issue of getting all of their blocked by the Chrome, avoiding the website managers from creating revenues.