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Microsoft Designs New Migration Tools To Augment Data Security

Earlier, Microsoft made an inclusion to its Office 365 pipeline and cited for its Office 365 “migration experience” a forthcoming Google G Suite as one of the 10 features being included. The status of this new inclusion is still in progress and as per the pipeline will be all set by the quarter of next year. As per TechNet Blog, migration to Office 365 from Google G Suite is targeted for allowing direct migration of email, contacts, and calendar to Office 365 from Google G Suite.

Presently, Google does have a migration tool (Exchange) via which admins can transfer IMAP mailboxes through migration endpoints from G Suite. On the other hand, Microsoft notes that this choice does not migrate contacts or calendar items in an automatic manner. Microsoft will now migrate contact and calendar data by perhaps employing REST-based APIs by Google.

Conversation on why Microsoft has finally planned to operate on these migration devices is in progress. One reason might be the firm’s requirement to maintain its development via different decisions.

On a related note, Microsoft earlier declared that it is transporting a revamp to its Web app for Office 365 as well as for interface. has been revealed to provide a smoother experience of sign-in for Office 365 besides being an “easy to remember” URL.

Apart from this, the app launcher of Office 365 has been upgraded to show common and relevant apps, along with the rollout of a new gallery of Office 365 that offers users if Office 365 personalized data regarding the tools, apps, and services that they are previously subscribed to. The new upgrade will begin launching out shortly, claims the company. Microsoft claimed in a blog post that the front end will be easier, displaying you only the stuffs that concern you by transporting favorite apps to the peak.