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Magic Mushrooms Psychedelic Compound Proves Beneficial For Depressive Illness:Research

Compass Pathways, a British life sciences company, is at present studying the mushrooms so as to come up with a natural remedy for the people dealing the depression related issues. During the researching, the researchers were able to find out a psychedelic compound which can majorly help inhibit the hormones triggering mood changes in the patients.

The psilocybin is the dynamic ingredient present in the magic mushrooms. This is a compound that is naturally present psychedelic prodrug that is generally produced by almost 200 varieties of mushrooms. The in-depth study on the magic mushrooms has helped realize the valuable compounds it produces and give it a legal status. The new psychedelic compound can be used legally to control the untreatable depressive illness. The life sciences company has already received the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) “Breakthrough Therapy” designation for its backbreaking effort in the studies and clinical trials related to the psilocybin. The current designation is sure to help pace up the approval process as a therapy for obdurate cases of depression. The increasing drug abuse cases are the reason the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has given psilocybin and other psychedelic drugs such as LSD as Schedule I which makes its use even in the medical sector illegal. However, on the other hand in the US, the opioid drugs have been classified as Schedule II which gives it a legal status for usage.

Thus, the researchers have made microdoses instead of the recreational abuse dosage which gives it an option of being used to treat anxiety and depression. The latest breakthrough drug is sure to be approved within the next 5.7 Years. The synthetic versions of the drugs will be firstly trialed out before being marketed so as to check its safety and efficacy. The treatment-resistant depression suffering patients can now take a sigh of relief. The researchers from the Stevens Institute of Technology are putting the symbiosis of the mushroom and cyanobacteria to use by generating a small amount of electricity with the help of sunlight. This bionic mushroom is sure to carve its name in the renewable energy sources in the next few years.