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Microsoft Purchases Two Additional Gaming Studios

During the ‘X018’ Xbox gaming event of Microsoft in Mexico City, the firm declared a raft of new standards that it is expecting will reignite the Xbox platform’s fan passion. This includes looming support for mouse and keyboard controls in specific games.

That was not the only big declaration, although. Back in June 2018, Microsoft purchased 5 gaming studios to drive its range of first-party elite gaming titles (on both PC and Xbox) and now the firm has included additional 2 big veteran names to its list: InXile Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment.

Both studios are well-known for their work on RPG games, with Obsidian getting more attention for Fallout: New Vegas, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, and more lately for its Pillars of Eternity games. On the other hand, InXile is best recognized for the Bard’s Tale, Wasteland, and Torment franchises.

These two studio purchase are the newest in Microsoft’s effort to make exclusive titles for the Windows and Xbox platforms, bringing the whole number of development teams to 13.

On a related note, earlier Microsoft Corp claimed that it will purchase solar energy in Singapore from the Sunseap Group. This is the tech firm’s first renewable power agreement in Asia. Microsoft will buy 100% of the electrical energy created from peak solar power project worth 60 Megawatt of Sunseap for its Singapore data processes for 20 Years, the claimed the software firm to the media in an interview.

The project from Sunseap boasts a series of solar panels on thousands of rooftops all over the city-state. “This agreement is the first renewable energy contract of Microsoft in Asia, and is our 3rd global clean energy declaration, following 2 wind agreements declared in the Netherlands and Ireland in 2017,” claimed general manager at Microsoft for cloud infrastructure architecture and strategy, Christian Belady, to the media in an interview.