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Amazon Is Offering A Free-Shipping To All In The US On Every Order

Amazon is making its rival sweat even the one link Walmart a bit more in the holiday season by providing free shipping for any purchase without any cost limit for each and every one.

The online retail giant has made the announcement that it is laying off its normal $25 minimum fee charge for the non-Prime subscribers in the United States. This is the first time that the company has done something like this, as per Reuters.

The deal is in effect and will continue till before Christmas for sure, but after that, there is no promise from Amazon of free delivery on Christmas day.

Amazon made a note that it has the biggest alternatives or options in the United States of products accessible for free shipping, with hundreds and millions of items. To ensure that it should not miff the Prime subscribers who are paying $120 for the similar benefit, the online retail giant seems to be increasing its free same day delivery to the prime subscribers for almost 3M products, instead of free delivery in 2 days, as confirmed by Engadget.

Though almost 50% of the entire United States home have the subscription of Amazon prime, consider the 2nd deal, it was still covered a lot of other individuals of the States.

The online retail giant has spent almost $21.7 Billion on shipping in 2017, and with the advent of a deal on this holiday, will certainly lose some more money on items with a lower price. Though, certainly, the online retail goliath is hoping to convert these users still over to Prime, which definitely will generate more profits.

Though, the deal is a great gift from the Amazon to all in a pre-holiday season in the United States. However, we are hoping that the company will come with more offers in the upcoming days.