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Amazon Has Not Yet finalized its Second Head Quarter

Online retail giant Amazon is keeping people guessing about the likely location of its second headquarters as one of its executives rubbished the claims of Washington Post that it was close to finalizing Crystal City, Virginia. The news agency which is owned by Jeff Bezos had reported that Crystal City, Virginia is one of the top contenders for its second head-quarters that will create 50000 jobs and will require investment outlay of $5 Billion. Amazon’ Director of Economic Development, Mike Grella immediately tweeted that the reporter was doing anyone any favors with the announcement.

Amazon has been scouting around for a location to set up its second headquarters for almost a year prompting speculators to make wild guesses about likely locations. Its founder president Jeff Bezos said that a formal announcement will be made towards end of 2018. Till date it received 238 proposals and has finalized 20 among them which are spread across Austin, Atlanta, New York, Columbus, Dallas, Ohio, Miami, Nashville and Northern Virginia. Analysts studying the search stated that the firm would prefer locations close to large cities that have international airports as these would be able to attract young professionals.

The locations owners when contacted about Amazon’s update have said that they have nothing new to report as situation is still under status quo. Historian Walter Issacson said that Amazon’s decision would be based on information and intuition as it will also look at tax perks offered by local administration. At this point of time the firm is still studying the tons of data available and weighing their options to select the best location as once decided it cannot be changed due to extensive financial outlay and energy involved in the process. As Bezos says, one can immerse themselves in data but then decision making has to be made with the heart.