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Astronomers Discover Ghost Moons Around Earth’s Orbit


One common entity that is always present when you look up at the clear night sky is the moon. Considered as a satellite of the planet Earth, the Moon has been a single constant ball of white, which many have stared upon. In fact, man has been able to even step foot on it. However, astronomers and scientists have come to the conclusion recently that the Moon may not be solitary; in fact, Earth may have 2 more, taking the total count to 3. These two new moons have been called as ghost moons by the astronomers in Hungary.

Well, the other two moons cannot really be considered as a conventional moon because it doesn’t have the characteristic round shape. They are more of dust clouds that orbit the Earth, at a speed almost similar to the moon. It is also situated at an approximate distance of 275,000 km which is again pretty close to our white and round satellite. These dust trails were first discovered almost 60 Years ago, by an astronomer from Poland, Mr. Kazimierz Kordylewski, who saw it as patches of light. However, it was not very distinct, rejecting the idea of it being a moon then and was given the nomenclature of Kordylewski clouds.

The topic has been reopened recently when two Hungarian astronomers, Gabor Horvath, and Judit could see these dust clouds more distinctly using a more advanced telescope in an observatory in Hungary. These dust clouds were present in specific regions in front and behind the moon, being comparable to dust trials around a car on a dusty road. There are areas called Lagrange Points, where the gravitational pull of the Earth and the Moon cancel each other and any dust and gas that enters this zone remains there for a really long time. The next question that arises is how long. There is no definite answer to that though the dust clouds that are being compared to Moon have been there at least for the past 60 Years. These clouds are pretty transient and keep changing over centuries, astronomers feel.