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Invest In China’s Tech Space If You Want To Succeed: Microsoft’s China Head

“US tech companies who want a portion of the China pie require taking a long-term sight and that could mean by increasing some of their intellectual assets in the world’s second-biggest economy,” said the chief executive officer and chairman of Microsoft’s GCR (Greater China Region). Alain Crozier told CNBC that American firms should be ready to spend in research and development over an extended and unbolted functioning with regional partners to bring different technologies into the market.

Crozier further said, “You need to invest and investing signifies, in the future, some of your intellectual property is going to develop here. So, you require to not having this fear that all is going in a negative way. I believe that is a very imperative one.” The U.S. has earlier accused China of extensive intellectual property theft and stated it cost the U.S. amid $225 Billion and $600 Billion each year. China is hometown to Microsoft’s biggest research and development center exterior the U.S. It is where scientists focus on technology parts that are important to the company’s long-term plan, such as artificial intelligence. In addition, investing in research, firms need to add to the regional technology environment and it expands beyond just doing dealing, and it also includes cultivating talent and working with partners. Many previous Microsoft employees left the technology giant to start their own firms in China or play key roles in others, for example, Bytemod Pte Ltd. is a popular Chinese social media application that is headed by a former Microsoft Research Asia executive.

Recently, Microsoft along with LinkedIn was in news as both the companies can revolutionize in retail. Microsoft is collaborating with brands and retailers to assist companies in reimagining business and flourish in today’s competitive surroundings. Microsoft and associate solutions allow companies to unite the best of digital and in-store for delivering seamless, personal, and differentiated user experiences.