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YouTube Is Introducing New Story Feature With Added Benefits

YouTube is releasing stories feature that is in Instagram-style to more users recently, as reported by The Verge. The recent expansion of the feature, which YouTube has begun testing a year ago, will give the facility to the creators with more than 10K subscribers to upload the temporary videos.

The stories feature of YouTube has significant changes from the other platforms including Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat feature that hit the market earlier. One of the difference is YouTube Stories is that you can view the stories for 7 days, where on other platforms it is just available for 24 hours. The videos are available to watch both by the one that subscribed the channel and the one that didn’t subscribe the channel, as it appeared in the sidebar, that read “Up Next” where the other related content is queued up, and they get played after you finish watching your video. Viewers can as well comment, react on the stories and the channel managers can respond to it. The interactions are also public to all the viewers of the story.

YouTube Stories, formerly referred to as Reels at the time of it released a year ago, had got a mixed response from the community member of the platform. However, there are few creators that have already used the feature, other big presences have shown that they are not much friendly towards the new feature and will going to adopt it over time.

As a lot of YouTube users are getting access over it, there is a huge possibility that a lot of people might discover interesting ways of utilizing the stories that become the main feature of the site. It is good enough for the YouTube to make effort and use the different thing to cut off the Instagram, as seeing just like Instagram has violated in its own territory as the IGTV launched this year.