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Amphetamine-related Illness Jumps By 245%

Amphetamine-related Illness Jumps By 245%The total number of cases, in which the people are suffering from severe health issues induced by the overdosage of amphetamine, is increasing with every passing day. To be precise, the number has jumped by 245% between 2008 and 2015. However, the people are failing to realize the severity of the condition caused due to the resurgence of the drug as they are busy with opioids.

The cases of hospitalizations caused by the use of amphetamine dominate the other cases like opioids, which have risen by 46%. An addiction researcher, Jane Maxwell mentioned that the deaths and hospitalizations caused as a result of the overdosage of amphetamine are increasing at an exponential rate and the people are failing to realize the severity of the consequences.

Amphetamine is a stimulant drug that is not only legal to treat the hyperactivity disorder of attention deficit but is also transformed into methamphetamine, illegally. The general physicians have experienced countless cases, where the patients are brought to them in the emergency departments with complaints like agitation, aggression, and paranoid conditions. In fact, the police, who catch hold of the suspects in the streets, are compelled to take them to the hospitals to treat for the abnormal heart rate before they can be locked behind the bars. Also, the medical examiners have experienced countless cases of deaths caused by the overdose of amphetamine. In fact, the cases of amphetamine are more in number than the cases of opioid, which is still in a rise.

Amphetamine is also termed as crystal meth and was very famous during the 1990s. However, due to the enforcement of law and difficult way to access the same, the use of the drug was reduced.

Since opioids became difficult to access, people started taking amphetamine, which was easy to attain and cost-effective than the former.