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Cuba Gets Internet Facility on 3G Mobile Phones at Last

Cuba Gets Internet Facility on 3G Mobile Phones at LastCuba will give internet access to its citizens on their mobile phones.

The island nation is Communist-run and was one of the least connected to the internet.

Almost all countries across the globe have access to the internet on their phones. Cuba is now joining the list of countries to do so, though it may one of the last to do so. It was only last year that access to home internet was provided by the Cuban government.

Everyone in Cuba who has phones with 3G facility can gain access to the internet via their mobile phones. The state-run ETECSA telecommunication company from Cuba has made the announcement on this provision.

However, the cost of this provision is considerably high. The lowest package is said to be $7 for a month. The monthly wage for a state worker is around $30 on an average and the package may not be affordable for many.

Though about 11.2 of its citizens have mobile phones, only a few can afford the high charges for the internet services on their phones. Most of them do not have a mobile phone with 3G technology.

With many relatives living abroad, the internet facility will work out to be too costly.

The people of Cuba had to go to public hotspots to have internet facility and now that the service is provided on their own phones, they are quite happy. “We can connect to the internet with better comfort”, they feel.

President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who has succeeded Raul Castro, says that the country can continue to advance towards digitalization with internet services. He had also opened a Twitter account in October and many government officials have followed suit.

However, Cuba has blocked access to social websites from the U.S. which is anti-communist in nature and on those which call for changes in Cuba.

North Korea is another country that has strict control over internet access.