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FDA Warns About Dog Food Brands With High Toxicity Levels Of Vitamin D

FDA Warns About Dog Food Brands With High Toxicity Levels Of Vitamin DFood and Drug Administration Dept. has warned pet owners that several branded dog foods contain 70 times more than the prescribed levels of Vitamin D and could end up killing dogs instead of fortifying them. According to a warning by FDA the makers of around 11 popular dog food brands are recalling their stocks and people should check before purchasing it for their pets. Tests on dog food revealed that most of them contain excessive or almost toxic amounts of Vitamin D which is essential for dogs but too much of it can cause kidney failure and even death.

Research shows that excessive vitamin D in diet causes vomiting, thirst, loss of appetite, increased thirst, urination, weight loss and excessive drooling. FDA warned that pet owners that have been feed these recalled brands to their dogs that are showing the above given symptoms should contact their veterinarians. The list of recalled brands include Nutrisca, Evolve, Sportsman’s Pride, Abound, Natural Life, Nature’s Promise and several others that are available on the website of FDA. Detailed investigations show that all these brands have purchased their products from the same manufacturer and rebranded it as their own. To combat this problem FDA now has an online guidance to report about pet food problems so that other pet-owners can be forewarned.

The spurious products that can make dogs ill are available in varied sizes and include several flavors like chicken, lamb and rice which are usually grain-free. Most of these brands listed in FDA recall belong to retail chains that have a practice of purchasing last quantities from contract manufacturers and selling them under different brand names. Dogs that are fed grain free pet food manufactured out of peas, lentils or potatoes can develop an enlarged heart disease called canine dilated cardiomyopathy. Affected dogs can develop an enlarged heart that is not able to function properly which is symptomized by lethargy, cough and weight loss.