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Incidences Of FGM In Children On The Rise In UK

Incidences Of FGM In Children On The Rise In UKSocial workers in UK that carried out assessments in 2017-18 stated that female genital mutilation or FGM is growing in the country as they recorded cases of 1960 children that already undergone the procedure or are at risk of undergoing the same. The figure has doubled since previous years when it stood at only 970 and has alarmed social workers as they say that true numbers of children at risk could be higher as the practice remains widely unreported as per experience of Local Government Association (LGA) that analyses government records for the same. Though no reason could be given for increase in children at risk LGA noted that there is greater awareness now and social workers are able to identify it faster than before.

The LGA stated that this could be due to nearly 12 % rise is child abuse cases that were related to faith and belief practices and unholy practices of witchcraft and spirit possession. The increase in such cases of abuse last year which amounted to 1630 reported incidents up from 1460 cases the previous year shows how worrying the situation actually is among young girls. Anita Lower of LGA stated that the practice is ruining lives of young girls who are being subjected to horrors of FGM at a time when they should be preparing for adulthood and enjoying life.

According to National Health Service around 5000 girls and women in UK were identified as new victims of FGM between April 2017-18. Leyla Hussein an FGM survivor and campaigner warned that several schoolgirls were being pressurized into FGM by peers of the same faith. LGA has called for funding to educate, identify and protect children from risk of FGM and other kinds of abuse based on faith and belief. UK government has announced another $ 523 million for social care of adults and children in 2019-2020.