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Project Fi Now Known As Google Fi

Project Fi Now Known As Google FiAlmost 3 Years after it first rolled out, Google is converting its cell service a bit more authorized this week. Project Fi is evolving into something a bit more determined and getting a new moniker in the procedure—Google Fi. But the better news is that it will also show support for extra handsets comprising the majority of Android handsets and iPhone.

This is not the first time that Fi has operated with Apple handsets. You used to get a data-only SIM before as secondary devices for iPads. And theoretically, a Fi SIM has always operated in an iPhone, provided you changed the phone’s data settings. But now Google is showing support for iPhones directly for new users, although it claims that the feature is in beta and needs additional steps to get ready. There will be a new iOS app for Google Fi to assist ease the process too.

More particularly, you will find that Visual Voicemail will not work operate anymore. On the other hand, iMessage will operate. iOS will not automatically pull the correct MMS and data connections, but it will work with just a couple of adjustments in the settings.

On a related note, the ETA sharing feature of Google Maps that allows the app to share your navigation route in real time with friends earlier arrived to iOS. The feature has been accessible on the Android application since 2017. The advertisement of the feature shows some specific scenarios for ETA sharing, such as when you are planning a surprise party and require coordinating with the arrival times of partygoers. It is also just a useful and neat tool that can be used when you wish to know whereabouts of your friends. This is feature that has long been accessible on other navigation applications such as Citymapper and Waze.