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Ted Baker’s Ray Kelvin Goes On Leave While An Investigation Is Underway

Ted Baker’s Ray Kelvin Goes On Leave While An Investigation Is UnderwayThe founder and CEO of the trademark company Ted Baker, Ray Kelvin has taken a voluntary leave as the allegations of misconduct fill the air. Now, the investigation is being executed to identify the core reason for concern.

The decision was taken by him after an online campaign took a prominent shape in which over 200 employees participated to convey their anguishes regarding the misconduct in the company. They stated that the practices of forced hugging and the ritual of leaving the reasons for harassment untouched must be discarded and discouraged.

A spokesperson from the company stated the board and the committee have decided to take stricter actions on this ground through a proper series of investigation. However, he denied speaking of the nature of allegation brought against the CEO of the company and has confirmed of establishing an individual committee consisting of two non-executive directors who will look after the investigation procedures.

Ray Kelvin has also matched his tune with the other board of directors by taking a voluntary leave from the organization as the allegations brought against the company are being investigated. However, he denied commenting on the same in any media platforms and ignored the email sent to him to know his reaction on the same.

Meanwhile, the Chief Operating Officer of Ted Baker, Lindsay Page is elected as an operating CEO till the next decision comes into play or Ray Kelvin comes back in his position. The latter is aged 62 years and owns over 35% of the shares of the company. He has been in the position of the CEO since the onset of the company in 1988 and has steered the company to the peak of success.

However, a strong campaign and firm decision of the board of members have compelled him to go for a voluntary leave. The fate of the founder of Ted Baker is yet to be seen.