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Delta Airlines Boarding Process Made Easier and More Colorful

Delta Airlines Boarding Process Made Easier and More ColorfulIt will no longer be zone boarding but boarding on ticket type with different colors for each fare class.

Delta Airlines says that passenger satisfaction is the first preference given by them and changes are being made, to make the boarding process easier. A simpler process makes it understandable for passengers to board their flights.

Delta says that passengers can expect changes from Jan 23 on all of its flights.

The Vice President of Delta Tim Mapes says that customers value more consistency. Passenger opinion has been collected and reviewed. The stress they go through while boarding has been noted and changes are being made to address the issue.

If you are a Delta One suite passenger, you will get to board first. After the pre-boarders, you can board in the boarding group Delta One. There is no need to hassle with other passengers from other classes. You will be given a premium boarding entry.

The next group of passengers is the First-class passengers and the Premium-Select passengers. They can enter via the first class boarding group and the premium boarding group.

The next group is those with Comfort Plus seats. Those who require more leg room, those who need dedicated overhead bin storage and complimentary drinks are those who come under this group. They will be given preference and come under the Sky Priority Group. Passengers of this group are quite comfortable with this arrangement as it reduces their wait from gate crowding.

The Main Cabin Passengers are in the next group who will not find many changes. They will get a boarding pass with numbers 1, 2 and 3 mentioned on the pass.

The basic economy fare group will be the last to board the flight. There are no frills attached to this class and passengers will board as usual.

Zonal boarding is made easier with color changes to make the boarding process understandable.