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Global Internet Speed Increases In 2018 With Large Improvements

Global Internet Speed Increases In 2018 With Large ImprovementsNet users are finding their internet working faster. Downloading speed has increased by 35.8 percent in the U.S while upload speeds are up by 22 percent, says data on comparing the current and previous year findings.

With almost everyone relying on the internet for various functions, speed is of the essence for those who use the internet most. Though the speed of the internet varies between regions, fiber network has been able to bring a change in the speed of the internet.

Downloading speed was highest in Rhode Island with a speed of 63 Mps in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of this year. The mean downloading speed was highest in New Jersey at 121 megabits for a second.

In the case of uploads, Maine saw the slowest mean with 50 Mbps for a download and 10 Mbps for an upload. Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence has provided the information on data collected for the last two quarters.

In the broadband speed, the U.S. ranks seventh among other countries. In mobile download speed, it ranks 43rd. Though it has seen a slight increase, broadband is much speedier than the mobile speed, providing almost twice the speed.

However, it was found that small countries that are still developing are finding the highest increase in speed. Countries like Costa Rica and Paraguay with very little population have an increased broadband downloading speed.

Data shows that only the U.S. and China have better than average speed on their fixed and mobile brand speed. In the case of fixed broadband, the U.S. has the fastest, while in the case of mobile download, China has the fastest speed.

Countries like Indonesia, India, and Brazil are still way behind.

However, some of the top countries with high internet speed are Singapore, Iceland, Hong Kong, South Korea, Norway, Qatar, and the Netherlands, while the U.S and China are not forerunners in this list.