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Over £100K Spend On FB And Other Ads By UK Government Ahead Of Commons Vote

Over £100K Spend On FB And Other Ads By UK Government Ahead Of Commons VoteUS social media has come up with a big revelation before the year ends. To promote Theresa May’s idea of Brexit, the government had spent £100K on Facebook advertisements before finally taking the House of Commons’ vote on it. After the figure was released, Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Labor party has vehemently criticized the incident and calls it complete waste of the money of common men.

And that is just the figure for Facebook. The government had even spent higher since advertisements were also there on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google. Both the government and companies have refused to say anything regarding this. The ad library of Facebook clearly reveals that the government of United Kingdom had spent £96,684 in order to promote their notion of Brexit in 11 videos.

Another spokesperson of the government said that making the public understand the government policies is one of the most important functions of a successful government. Other figures show on Facebook that there was an expenditure of £1,000 and £5,000 for two different videos which asked the public what Brexit meant for them. Few other videos were focused to convey message to the people of Wales and Northern Ireland regarding the same and also that what benefits does it provide them with.

More money was spent on other advertisements where the government has explained in details what impact would Brexit bring on the trade, economy and immigration of the nation. Here the figures range from £10,000 to £50,000. There have been no advertisements targeting directly to the audience in England. However, there are posts directed to them since the majority of audience came from England itself.

When people searched things like – “What does Brexit mean?” the top results that showed were paid posts and articles by a group named Britain’s Future or the UK government.