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Seattle Kids Allowed More Sleep To Enhance Performance

Seattle Kids Allowed More Sleep To Enhance PerformanceSeattle has decided to allow the students to have more sleeping time so that they can concentrate better in their studies. Teenagers were kept under observation and added 34 minutes more to their sleeping time. School was started off late, and as a result of which students faced less drowsy during class lectures and their grades got higher.

Seattle School District has therefore changed their starting time for high schools and middle schools from 7:50 am to 8:45 am. Other schools in US are also encouraged to follow the same and help out sleep deprived students.

One of the major reasons why the teenagers do not get nine hours of sleep is nothing to do with schools though. Overuse of phones, laptops, tabs etc to chat, read posts, scroll through feed etc. take up a lot of their time. A study was held where students of the sophomore year were made to watch wristwatches to track their activity and time of light exposure. A noticeable change has been noticed before and after the late start of schools. Students have been reported to get more and better sleep.

Weekend sleep time remained as it is and although a few students slept late because of the new rule, most of them did not and that was a true success. Even there was a major change in first period attendance and punctuality in attending school. Considering all the pressures that the teenagers need to face, along with the entertainment of social media, Horacio de la Iglesia, a biology professor in University of Washington felt this was needed.

Gradually, there has been a marginal increase in exam grades in the science classes as well. Students from comparatively poor areas have also been reported to make lesser absence after the implementation of the new rule.