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Tui Registers 10% Profit Growth Thanks To Hotel Bookings, Cruises

Trump Likely To Intervene In Huawei CaseThere are more people holidaying in Europe it seems, as the number of bookings in hotels as well as cruise tours have reached the highs, this has also enabled Tui Sail which is a travel agency that is based in Europe to complete the year by boasting a profit of around 10%.

There is a very strong estimate that the following year will also bring in the same degree of profits or even more, because there already have been a lot of hotel bookings and excursion reservations by tourists to Europe. The graph has been strong for Tui though for four years now, they have been showing a profit in the double digit.

On the contrary, Thomas Cook which is known all over the world and is one of the favorite among Asian travelers stated that they have been facing a loss, and they attributed that cause to the rise in temperatures during the summer months which resulted in less tourists visiting and thus consequently, booking less rooms.

The chief of Tui stated that it is the content of their holiday experiences that they provide to the tourists which forms the majority of the earnings they get. This is what makes them different from their competition.

Tui has also said that scenarios such as the Brexit and the rising competition between the different International carriers are mainly responsible for the reduction in the spending by customers. They have reported that the earnings had been reduced by around 15% in the airline and the trip operating business of the firm.

One of the spokesperson from the firm also stated that it is due to the extra that they include in the holiday tours that form the earnings for them. These include upgrades in rooms and excursions that are tailor – made for the client.