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Nuclear Powered Tunnelbot Proposed By NASA To Search Life Under Europa’s Ice

Nuclear Powered Tunnelbot Proposed By NASA To Search Life Under Europa’s IceEuropa is considered to be a prone place to host alien life. Underneath its surface, there is a salty ocean, which is warm due to the gravity on the Moon’s metal core. But the real question is how people will peer through ice? According to the sources, a nuclear-powered robot can be used to melt the way down. This was the proposal put up in Washington DC to the American Geophysical Union recently. To overcome the challenges of space exploration, NASA’s Glenn Research center’s multidisciplinary COMPASS team was specially established.

According to the sources, the ice is 2–30 km thick that covers this Moon of Jupiter. But beneath that there could be life, as per the sources. By searching for life on Jupiter’s Moon will open our understanding of how common life is, how resilient it is and how it is arises in our universe. Planetary scientists are not even sure about Europa having an ocean. But the signs are indicating that Europa has it. The most alluring thing of these are the plumes of liquid water which every so often explode from its surface.

A concept study has been completed by the COMPASS on the technologies which are capable of piercing the ice with a group of sensors and sending the data back to the Earth. According to them, the option is a nuclear-powered tunnelbot. The best advantage of nuclear power is that it packs the most energy into a very small space. Though it was one of the concept designs of nuclear reactor, it doesn’t even need to be built into that. According to them, they are about to use it in its simplest form. A heat source will be radiated by radioactive bricks in front of a tube shaped probe which will gradually sink after the ice underneath turns to slush.