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VR Eyes Going For Location Based Entertainment

VR Eyes Going For Location Based Entertainment Virtual reality was not as successful as people expected it to be. This week IMAX announced that by 2019 it would be shutting down its VR centers across the world. IDC said that following a decline for four successive quarters, the headset shipments rose in 2018’s third quarter by 8%, which they don’t consider as an outstanding growth.

Nevertheless, these declines have not discouraged the VR startups from investing on the ‘out of home entertainment’. They are hoping to entice the customers to leave the comforts of their homes and experience the technology.

A research firm specializing in VR predicts that the out of home entertainment market for virtual reality will grow to $12 billion, and this is expected to happen in the coming five years.

Dreamscape Immersive, an entertainment and technology company which is backed by some of the Hollywood’s big names is starting up its first permanent location for virtual reality in one of the malls of Los Angeles. It is planning to set shop in four more cities all across the country.

For just $20, customers get ready with headset, backpack, sensors for hand and feet, something that would cost them thousands of dollars otherwise.

They get to choose from Dreamscape’s three intent storylines of twenty minutes. Those twenty minutes would provide them with an experience that would be a mix of an amusement park and a movie.

Bruce Vaughn, the CEO of Dreamscape said that the company believes that this kind of experience would not only expose the customers to a unique medium, but would also help the people creating it to learn the capabilities of the medium. He adds that the company as of now is focusing on opening new venues in important locations, but in future it is also eyeing the option of getting into the homes of customers.