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J & J Offers $ 2.1 Billion To Buy A Japanese Cosmetics Company, Ci:Z

The US health concern Johnson & Johnson announced on Tuesday that the Japanese company Skincare Ci:z Holdings shares, that it doesn’t own 230 billion yen in cash.

J & J is a deal, which will make its own popular brands such as Genomer, Labo Labo, and Dr.Ci: Labo, and will aid in fortifying its international innovation pipeline.

The acquisition has contributed in recent years to the outbreak of transactions in the cosmetics industry in Asia as global brands to grow in the region, including the thriving Chinese market worth $53.5 Billion, with the use intelligent online marketing of Asian brands and fast delivery time for new products.

L’Oreal of France agreed to buy South Korea makeup and fashion company Nanda company in May and Unilever bought Korea’s Carver cosmetics company in last year for $ 2.7 Billion. LVMH and Estee Lauder also invested in South Korea-based cosmetics companies.
J & J will pay 5,900 yen per share, the 55% bonus in relation to the closing price on Tuesday, and buy shares held by the founder of the Japanese company, Yoshinori Shirono, according to J & Js.

CIC Corp is the largest shareholder of a dermo-cosmetic specialist with a 27.96% interest; the data has been disclosed by Refinitiv.

As the second largest shareholder, J & J holds 19.9% of revenues thanks to its subsidiary, which enables it to distribute the following brands, outside of Japan. J & J projects that this full acquirement will help in the use of an extensive customer database on medical skin care products and collagen gel.

“This transaction will maximize value creation with the introduction of an agile innovation model and rapid sales acceleration, thanks to our global marketing experience,” said Jorge Mesquita, global president of consumer affairs at Johnson & Johnson.