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In A Bid To Boost Sales, Philip Morris Brings Smokeless Cigarettes

Philip Morris International unveils two new versions of its smokeless tobacco machine iQOS in more than 40 markets worldwide, where iQOS products are now available.

The company also launched a cheaper line of cheap tobacco devices in Japan, called HEETS, to combat competition and increase sales in key markets.

IQOS, a gadget that warms tobacco instead of burning it, is a crucial part of what PMI considers its future beyond smoke. IQOS was launched nationally in Japan in the spring of 2016 and is now available in 43 markets around the world. Turnover increased in some places this year and stagnated in others.

PMI is launching an upgraded version, iQOS 3, and a new iQOS 3 Multi device. The devices should be available in South Korea and Japan in the coming weeks and in Europe by mid-November. The company will also introduce a cheaper range of heat sticks or tobacco sticks in Japan to fetch new consumers in this category.

Large tobacco companies are turning to heated products to generate other sources of income, while the number of smokers is declining. They stated that these products are have less risk factor than usual cigarettes as they don’t burn the tobacco, but heat it instead which makes warm enough to discharge nicotine but not that hot that causes combustion, which is the chemical mechanism that discharges contaminants.

Leaders said they anticipate sales to deliberate at a certain point after converting the innovators and early adopters but they do not exert a pull on older and more traditional smokers. They anticipate new products to aggregate current and new iQOS users. PMI is awaiting a decision from the Food and Drug Administration regarding the possibility of selling iQOS in the United States.