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Memory Function Of The Brain Can Be Boosted Using An Electrical Stimulating Device

The University of California researchers have developed a device for helping the people dealing with low memory performance. The device entrains the theta brain waves and enhances the wave activity so as to boost the memory performance.

The basic idea behind the contrivance is to provide the brain with an electrical signal for making it easier for the researchers to keep a track of the different types of brain waves from the outside surface of the head. The entrainment of the theta brain waves using the novel device helps measure the alertness of the brain. According to the lead researcher Charan Ranganath and his team, the memory performance of the brain is high when the brain has to carry out a memory task. The researchers have made use of light and sound in combination for stimulating the brain wave activity in the novel entrainment device. The oscillating patterns in sensory areas help escalate the brain wave activity which in turn can help find solutions for a number of problems including sleep, mood swings, learning issues, and so on. The new controls enhanced theta wave activity by providing the brain with electrical kind of beta wave stimulations. The brain function can be powered by the neuron excitation during the peak of the waves. The talking or syncing of the two different regions of the brain can be made possible using the theta waves stimulating device.

Dr. Rob Jenkins and the research team from the University of York concluded as per the study that an average human is capable of recognizing and recalling around 5000 faces. The human brain is trained to collect and store the data right from birth. Hence, it is no surprise that the humans can remember so many faces. The various activities of the brain have put it under the radar of the scientists for intricate researching.