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CDC’s Panel Suggest Regular Hepatitis A Vaccination For The Homeless Individuals

An advisory panel of the U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) collectively voted to suggest the use of regular hepatitis A vaccination for all homeless individuals to prevent them from infection. The CDC is likely to agree with the panel’s recommendation.

Hepatitis A is an illness of the liver caused by a virus. Consuming contaminated foodstuff or water, touching an unclean door handle or surface, sexual contact or poor sanitary conditions, drug users using contaminated needles are some of the causes of hepatitis. Approximately, 10 states have registered more than 6,500 cases by infection of hepatitis A from January 2017 to October 2018. According to the CDC, more than 40% of the cases were of homeless people from San Diego and Utah. While in Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, and West Virginia, more than 10% were amid homeless people. More than 6,000 cases registered by the CDC induced to hospitalizations for more than 3,800 people and 70 fatalities were noted. Hepatitis A disease is also vaccine-preventable. The vaccine is available in the form of a shot that is given in 2 doses. Currently, there are 3 approved vaccines obtainable in the U.S., according to the CDC.

Recently, the CDC was also in news for calling in an inspection of increasing HIV in the Cincinnati region. A continuous surge in newly diagnosed HIV cases in the Cincinnati area has alerted health officials to pull in an expert team of epidemiologists to examine. The “Epi-Aid” team from the U.S. CDC has arrived to help local health executives in their ongoing investigation of HIV clusters in that region. Kentucky, Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Hamilton County health officials circulated a joint proclamation about the team’s arrival. Dr. Jeffrey Howard—Kentucky’s Health Commissioner—stated that during the last year, the most ordinary risk factor for the spread of HIV in a community was the use of an intravenous drug. “This spots a concerning transformation, which is been getting scanned closely,” Howard further added.