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Astronomers Get Close View Of Blue Bizarre Asteroid

Astronomers this week claimed that in late 2017, they had gotten a close-up view of Phaethon. It is a blue bizarre asteroid that sometimes behaves as a comet. Blue asteroids add up only a part of all recognized asteroids, as per Teddy Kareta. Kareta is University of Arizona’s graduate student. Some of the asteroids are red to dull grey in color, relying on the kind of material on their body, he claimed. Apart from its strange color, Phaethon is also odd in that it has qualities of both an asteroid and a comet.

“Astronomers in 1983 first found Phaethon, and they believed that the object possibly was a burnt-out, dead comet,” claimed Kareta. “But comets are not blue but characteristically red in color. Hence, although Phaeton’s extremely eccentric orbit must scream ‘dead comet,’ it is difficult to claim if Phaethon is more like a dead comet or more similar to an asteroid,” he claimed to the media.

Speaking of asteroid, a couple of robot rovers have begun a survey after landing on an asteroid. This was claimed earlier by Japan’s space agency. This comes as the space agency performs a mission intending to shed light on the sources of the solar system. The rover mission indicates the world’s first robotic observation of and moving on an asteroid surface, as per the JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).

The cookie tin-shaped and round robots productively landed on the Ryugu asteroid a day after they were launched from the Hayabusa2 base, the agency claimed. “Each of the robots is working normally and has begun examining Ryugu’s surface,” JAXA claimed to the media in an interview. Taking benefit of the low gravity by the asteroid, the robots will jump all over the surface to survey the asteroid’s physical features. The jump may soar as high as 49 Feet (15 Meters) and the robots might stay for as long as 15 Minutes in the air.