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Aliens Might Be Hiding On Mars Below The Surface In The Briny Water

Sponge-akin species can be lurking below the Mars’ surface, as per new study. Salty subterranean lakes on Mars are able to provide sufficient oxygen to support even simple species, researchers think. It has long been believed there is not sufficient air on the Red Planet to support life. But a computer model designed by a US team recommends that Mars’ briny underground lakes are made up of water and salt. And they are possibly capable of storing up sufficient oxygen to permit alien life to grow.

The new research, ported in Nature Geoscience, thinks that these regions are particularly concentrated at the ends of the planet. Dr. Vlada Stamenkovic claimed that the briny water will also be rich in magnesium and calcium, which increase metabolism and make bones stronger. But areas “with enough oxygen obtainable for aerobic microbes to live” might be all over Mars.

Speaking of aliens, the mystery of our alone existences is disturbing each time. Now, scientists claim that a signal is originating from deep space. Still, astronauts recommend that FRB (Fast Radio Bursts) is a type of thing, which is observed for noticing this signal.

These signals were initially observed by the scientist using Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment at the time of testing powerhouse telescope situated in British Columbia. As far as the FRBs are considered, it is still not known of the signals’ origin. But what has caught the interest in this specific FRB is that it is of a specific frequency ranging from 400–800 Megahertz. Previous signals from this range of frequency and in a specific range were never encountered. Earlier the range might differ from any frequency size. This signal, which is noticed, has some chorus trumpets like sound to it and has a particular bass in its voice. Scientists are trying to understand it out as to what can be the origination of the sound in the signal.