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Our Staff

Felix Hamilton
Lead Editor

Spending 5 years of time period at Market News Press, Felix is a reputed veteran in this sector and is respected for his work. He controls the Business department and manages all the financial stuff of the organization as well. He also conducts free workshops for the newbies in the department. In his free time, Felix does nothing extraordinary apart from camping all night with strangers and having chilled beer with them.


Phone: +1 888-623-5612

Tyesha Atkinson
Sr. Editor

Tyesha is the leader of the technology department. She has an overall experience of 5 years at Market News Press. With such a vast knowledge and huge experience, the organization never regretted on the decision of getting Tyesha on the team. She also has a couple of certifications done in the same field. When not busy working, Tyesha will be seen farming backyard at her barn, watering the fresh, ripe tomatoes and teaching her son to do the same.


Phone: +1 888-991-5138

Andrea Bozarth
Editor & Writer

Andrea has a Degree in Microbiology, which makes her the perfect fit to lead the Health department. With no more than 3 years of experience in this industry, Andrea is one of the youngest leaders at Market News Press, setting an example of the desired skill sets that one requires. When asked about of her hobby, Andrea points at her bicycle and a photo album, which has tons of memories of a solo trip.


Phone: +1 888-451-7223

Gerard McPherson

Being the most experienced person at Market News Press, Gerard has an overall 12 years of industry experience. He is well aware of the user’s needs and what type of content they require. Gerard spearheads the Science department, thanks to his expertise in the same field. When asked about his dream, Gerard tells he wants to lay down under a tree, with sunshine and shadows falling on his face at the same time and read his favorite novel.


Phone: +1 888-335-7127

Editorial Staff Emails & Contact Information

Felix Hamilton (Lead Editor)– Email:

                              Phone: +1 888-623-5612

Tyesha Atkinson (Sr. Editor) – Email:

                             Phone: +1 888-991-5138


 Andrea Bozarth (Editor & Writer)– Email:

                             Phone:  +1 888-451-7223

  Gerard McPherson (Contributor)– Email:

                             Phone:   +1 888-335-7127

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